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How I keep my makeup drawers organized and what containers I use in my Alex drawers by IKEA. | Subscribe

Since so many people are fans of the IKEA Alex drawer for makeup, I thought that a video about the ways I store things in them would be helpful. My mom has 2 Alex 5 drawers for makeup, accessories and other possessions. I have the Alex 6 drawer and the Alex desk.

Furniture shown
Alex 6 drawer
Alex 5 drawer
Alex desk
There is also an Alex 9 drawer, but I don’t own that unit.

I didn’t mention this in the video, but when I’m not using the Summera (grey rubber drawer inserts) I typically line my drawers with the Variera drawer mat, it’s clear and from IKEA too. They stop things, including containers, from shifting around in the drawers.

TIP: We’ve gotten into the habit of keeping our brushes in the drawers to keep them from getting dusty. For example, I keep my eye brushes with my eye shadows, eye primers and eyeliners. I do the same for face products and cheek/contouring products.

0:00 Harman elements small organize tray purchased at Winners
0:26 3 tiered lipstick holder purchased at Winners
0:39 cosmetic holder (fits in Alex 5 drawer) purchased at Winners
0:59 Cotton swab & pad holder purchased at Dollarama
1:01 MadeSmart lazy susan purchased at Target
1:10 Ikea Summera drawer insert (for the Micke series, but these inserts can be cut to fit different drawers)
1:24 MadeSmart classic large silverware tray purchased at Winners
1:38 Drawer organizer purchased at Winners
1:42 MadeSmart two tray drawer organizer purchased at Winners
1:52 Ikea Stödja utensil tray (comes is a few sizes and layouts)

Winners or Home Sense is the Canadian equivalent to Marshalls (actually, it’s even owned by Marshalls) for anyone who is wondering. TJ MAXX is also similar.

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. It contains products sent from a company and/or PR firm for editorial consideration (the makeup, but not the furniture or drawer organizers). There ARE affiliate links above.

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